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DKDP Pockels Cell

DKDP Pockels Cell is the most widely used material for electro-optical applications due to its excellent E-O properties. An electro-optic material such as DKDP Pockels Cell can alter the polarization state of light passing through it, when an applied voltage induces birefringence change in the crystal. Keywords: DKDP Pockels Cell, DKDP Crystal
Affiliate classification
Product description
● Industrial laser system
● Medical Laser system
● Aesthetic Laser system
● Military Laser system
● High Extinction Ratio
● Low Insertion Loss
● High damage threshold
● Wide working temperature range
● Low capacitance
● Low current Leakage
Voltage Extinction Ratio >2000:1(CP) >1500:1(PP) Collimation <0.5°
Insertion Loss <2% Wavefront distortion λ/6@633nm
Quarter-wave voltage ~3400V Scratch/Dig 20/10
Capacitance 6-10pF Clear Aperture ≥90%
Coatings AR@1064nm(R<0.2%), or customised upon request
Damage threshold 1GW/cm² 10ns 10Hz at 1064nm

CP: Cross Polarizers  PP: Parallel Polarizers


Standard Products     Operation wavelength: 1064nm
P/N Clear Aperture Size(mm) Voltage Extinction Ratio Capacitance
QD08H Φ8mm Φ19×28mm >2000:1  (CP) >1500:1  (PP) <6pF
QD10H Φ10mm Φ25.4×39mm >2000:1  (CP) >1500:1  (PP) <6pF
QD12H Φ12mm Φ25.4×44mm >2000:1  (CP) >1500:1  (PP) <6pF
QD15H Φ15mm Φ30×44mm >2000:1  (CP) >1500:1  (PP) <8pF
QD19H Φ19mm Φ33×48mm >1500:1  (CP) >1000:1  (PP) <12pF

CP: Cross Polarizers  PP: Parallel Polarizers

Chemical Formula KD2PO4
Transparency Range 200-1600nm
Nonlinear Coefficients d36=0.40pm/V
Refractive index (at 1064nm) No=1.4948, ne=1.4554
Electro-optical Coefficients r41=8.8pm/V
Longitudinal half-wave voltage: Vπ=2.98KV(λ=546nm)
Absorptance: 0.006/cm
Optical damage threshold: >1 GW/cm2
Extinction ratio: >30dB
Sellmeier equations of KD*P:(λ in um)



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