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Industrial Laser system

It is a high power 532nm Q-CW laser system, it is widely used in a variety of industries such as glass cutting, carving, laser marking and so on.
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Product description
Advantages of CRYSTECH
● CRYSTECH can provide one-stop solution for supplying all the laser components of the system.
● Customers who use CRYSTECH’s components can reach higher and stable output power as follows:
532nm, 10W, 6ns, 100KHz
● CRYSTECH have standard products to match customers’ requirement. There are stock ones for most of the standard products, this will save time and cost for customers’ design, especially for new systems.
Standard products for all components
Item Products Name Standard Size Coating
1 Rear Mirror Dia.10x2mm Dia.12.7x3mm S1: HR@1064nm,HT@808nm S2: AR@808nm
2 Diffusion Bonded crystal Nd:YVO4+YVO4(3x3x8mm) Nd:YVO4+YVO4(3x3x10mm) S1&S2: AR@1064&808nm
3 Thin Film Polarizer 27x16x2mm, Dia.30x3mm 20x30x6mm S1: PBScoating@1064 56deg AOI S2: Uncoated
4 RTP Q-Switch 4x4x10mm pair 5x5x10mm pair S1&S2: AR@1064nm
5 Middle Mirror Dia.12.7x3mm; Dia.20x3mm Dia.15x3mm S1:PR@1064nm S2:AR@1064nm
6 Back Mirro Dia.12.7x3mm; Dia.20x3mm Dia.15x3mm S1: HR@1064&532nm S2: Uncoated
7 HGTR-KTP crystal 3x3x10mm; 3X3X7mm S1&S2: AR@1064&532nm
8 Output Mirror Dia.12.7x3mm; Dia.15x3mm Dia.20x3mm; Dia.25.4x3mm S1: HR@1064nm, HT@532nm S2: AR@532nm


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