Factors affecting the price of Thin film polarizer

Factors affecting the price of Thin film polarizer
1. Quality affects price
The quality is not the same, the price positioning of the manufacturer is not the same. The fundamental factor affecting the quality of Thin film polarizer is the selection of materials. The cost of material selection varies greatly, and the processing of many details is also different. The price of products from unknown small manufacturers and well-known brands will vary several times.
2. Raw material prices
Raw materials are determined by two reasons, one is the quality of raw materials, and the other is the market for raw materials. The quality of raw materials plays a decisive role in the quality of Thin film polarizer. High-quality raw materials are expensive, and the market price of raw materials fluctuates due to fluctuations in the market environment.
3. Influenced by the manufacturer
The price of Thin film polarizers will also be affected by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is a large-scale enterprise with a high reputation, then its product quality and production technology will be more advanced, due to the increase in cost, so It will also cause the price of thin film polarizer to be higher than that of other manufacturers.

Thin film polarizer


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