How Thin film polarizer products work

Thin film polarizer products are called polarizers, which control the polarization direction of a specific light beam. When natural light passes through the polarizer, the light whose vibration direction is perpendicular to the transmission axis of the polarizer will be absorbed, and only the polarized light whose vibration direction is parallel to the transmission axis of the polarizer will be left.

Thin film polarizer products

There are two polarizers in the liquid crystal display module, which are respectively attached to both sides of the glass substrate. The lower thin film polarizer products are used to convert the light beam generated by the backlight into polarized light, and the upper polarizer is used to analyze the polarized light that is electrically modulated by the liquid crystal. , resulting in a light-dark contrast, resulting in a display screen. The imaging of the liquid crystal display module must rely on polarized light. Without any polarizer, the liquid crystal display module cannot display images.

The polarizing core film in Thin film polarizer products is PVA film. After the PVA film is dyed, it adsorbs iodine molecules with didirectional absorption function, and the iodine molecules are arranged in an orderly manner on the PVA film by stretching to form a polarizing film with uniform didirectional absorption properties, whose transmission axis is perpendicular to the stretching direction. .

The main performance indicators of thin film polarizer products include optical properties, mechanical properties and reliability. Optical properties mainly refer to parameters such as the transmittance, degree of polarization and hue of the polarizer; mechanical properties mainly include the warpage of the polarizer, the bonding strength of the polarizer pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc.; reliability is a measure of the durability of the polarizer The evaluation method is to place the polarizer in an environmental test chamber such as high temperature, low temperature, high temperature and high humidity for a certain period of time, and then check the changes in its appearance and optical properties.



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