What are the types of thin film polarizer materials

Thin film polarizer is a thin film product with optical properties in a broad sense. It is mainly divided into two types: thin film polarizer and optical film in backlight unit (BLU). The main application field is TFT-LCD liquid crystal panels, and polarizers can also be used in OLED panels. middle. Panel production capacity continues to shift to the mainland. On the one hand, the investment in LCD panels, especially large-size products, increases, driving the demand for optical films; on the other hand, it also brings great opportunities for the localization of polarizers.

Thin film polarizer

Thin film polarizer materials can be divided into functional thin films and selective separation membranes. The application of functional film products based on polymer substrates in various fields is becoming more and more popular, especially for films with optical functions. The selective separation membrane has attracted much attention for its wide application in the water treatment industry.

Thin film polarizer is to coat or make one or more layers of dielectric film or metal film or composite film on optical components or independent substrates to change the transmission characteristics of light, including light projection, reflection, absorption, Scattering, polarization and phase changes. Change its transmittance and reflectivity, so that the light of different polarization planes have different characteristics.

Thin film polarizer can be roughly divided into two groups: thin film polarizer and backlight module optical film, the main application area is TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel. LCD is mainly composed of several major components such as liquid crystal, backlight module, glass substrate, polarizer and TFT electrode. The liquid crystal display device belongs to the flat panel display device, and its basic structure is in the shape of a multi-layered flat panel. A typical liquid crystal display is mainly composed of a liquid crystal layer, a glass substrate, a polarizer and a TFT electrode. Of course, different types of liquid crystal display devices may have differences in some parts, but all liquid crystal display devices are composed of two substrates with transparent conductive electrodes, sandwiched by a liquid crystal layer, packaged into a flat cell, and then mounted on the outer surface. The three-layer structure of the Thin film polarizer. Among them, the optical film of the backlight module generally includes six types, such as reflective film, diffuser film, ordinary prism sheet, multi-functional prism sheet, microlens film, and reflective polarized light enhancement film.



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