What is Optical Element

Optical Element is also called optical parts. The basic building block of an optical system. Most optical parts play the role of imaging, such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. In addition, there are some parts that play a special role in the optical system (such as light splitting, image transmission, filtering, etc.), such as reticle, filter, grating for optical fiber parts, etc. Holographic lenses, gradient index lenses, binary Optical Elements, etc., are new Optical Elements that have appeared in the past decade or two.

Optical Element

Optical Elements are fragile and require special operating procedures to improve performance and longevity. Optical Element is exposed to contaminants such as dust, moisture and skin oils during daily use. These stains increase optical surface scattering and absorb incident light, creating hot spots on the optical surface, causing permanent damage. Coated Optical Elements are particularly susceptible to this damage.

Using the correct handling techniques can reduce the number of cleanings required for Optical Elements, thereby increasing their longevity. Please unpack the Optical Element in a clean and temperature-controlled environment. Never hold the Optical Element directly in your hand, as skin oils can permanently damage the optical surface. The correct way is to wear gloves. For smaller Optical Elements, it is more convenient to use optical grade or vacuum tweezers. Regardless of the method used to grip the Optical Element, if possible, only by non-optical surfaces such as frosted edges.

Important: Do not touch the optical surfaces of the following Optical Elements with your hands or optical manipulation instruments: holographic gratings, ruled gratings, unprotected metal mirrors on the first surface, and pellicle beamsplitters (of course there are many others). These Optical Elements are particularly sensitive and any direct contact can cause damage.



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