What are the features of Honeycomb Lens

Honeycomb Lens is a micro-lens specially used in the beauty industry. After the laser passes through the Honeycomb Lens, it will generate a hexagonal array of dots, and the size of each laser spot is adjustable. After years of development, the Honeycomb Lens on the market has been standardized. The lens has a diameter of 16mm, a thickness of 2mm, and a focus of 40mm. It consists of hundreds of hexagonal microlenses with a subunit size of only 1000μm.

Honeycomb Lens

Honeycomb Lens refers to a hexagonal micro-lens array composed of hundreds of hexagonal micro lenses according to certain rules. Since the shape of the hexagonal small lenses is similar to the shape of a honeycomb, the arrangement of the output light spots is also similar to the shape of a honeycomb. So it is called Honeycomb Lens.

Features of Honeycomb Lens:

- Focus the laser energy into the "Honeycomb Instantaneous Lens" to reintegrate the energy.
- Focus 70% of the high energy to 130 honeycomb center points to form a honeycomb lattice that acts on human skin.
- The laser energy released from the central point of each honeycomb can be as high as 20 times more intense.
- The honeycomb shock effect, shatters the melanocytes of the epidermis and spreads to the deep dermis.



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