What are the applications of customized Cylindrical Lens in life scenarios

With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher expectations for the quality of life. Then, as an optoelectronic product that makes our life more exciting and faster, it also inadvertently enters our life. While it brings us convenience, it is also constantly being tested by the market.

customized Cylindrical Lens

Green, low carbon and environmental protection are the voice of the whole earth and the common aspiration of all mankind, so that more and more people have been deeply aware of how to balance the balance between technological development and environmental protection. As a result, batches of green high-tech optoelectronic products are full of convenience and crystallization of human wisdom, changing our lives accordingly...

Intelligent faxing, text and image scanner machines and equipment pursue the core concept of a perfect paperless office, barcode scanning machines and equipment make work more efficient, food, clothing, housing and transportation are more convenient and fast, and excellent medical equipment can improve the actual effect of treatment and relieve patients. The pain, the progressively extreme photographic equipment attracts every moment of people's necessities of life.

The current popular image monitoring and imaging equipment has brought us irreplaceable safety and sufficient comfort. Perhaps, while enjoying the convenience brought by optoelectronic products, we have neglected the important components of optoelectronic products—— Customized Cylindrical Lens.

The general optical system is composed of optical elements such as lenses, beam splitters, and mirrors. Its surface shape is usually spherical or plane two categories. The customized Cylindrical Lens is an aspherical lens, which can effectively reduce spherical aberration and chromatic aberration. It is divided into plano-convex cylindrical lens, plano-concave cylindrical lens, biconvex cylindrical lens and biconcave cylindrical lens. With one-dimensional zoom function.

Jet-customized Cylindrical Lens is mainly used to change the design requirements of imaging size. For example, convert a point spot to a line spot, or change the height of the image without changing the desired width.

Customized Cylindrical Lens has unique optical properties. With the rapid development of high technology, customized Cylindrical Lens has become more and more widely used. Such as line gathering system, film camera system, fax machine and printing and typesetting scanning imaging system, as well as gastroscope, laparoscopy in the medical field, and in-vehicle video system in the automotive field have the participation of customized Cylindrical Lens.

Simultaneously in linear detector lighting, barcode scanning, holographic lighting, optical information processing, computer, laser emission. It also has a wide range of applications in intense laser systems and synchrotron radiation beamlines. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the customized Cylindrical Lens processing technology, a mature and efficient processing technology has been formed, and its good quality reproducibility and repeatability have gradually been recognized by the market. 



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