What is Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical Lens is generally a lens used to focus incident light on a line or to change the aspect ratio of the image. It is usually formed into a linear image, and the direction of the beam can be controlled.

Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical Lens has a cylindrical surface that can focus the incident light in a certain dimension and stretch the image. The focal length of the cylindrical lens can be negative or positive, suitable for laser line generation or deformed beam shaping to circulate the laser Output.

Cylindrical Lens is more difficult to produce than ordinary spherical lenses. It is necessary to select materials reasonably, pay attention to the characteristics of material texture, bubbles, impurities, uniformity, etc., and pay attention to the control of product specifications and quality, such as scratches. , Dents, gloss, etc., high-quality grinding technology.

Cylindrical Lens array, composed of cylindrical lenses with the same pitch, is used to focus and homogenize laser or illuminating light in one-dimensional direction. Cylindrical Lens arrays are mainly used to homogenize various light sources, including lasers or high-power LEDs. Different from the rectangular microlens array that forms the spot pattern, the cylindrical microlens array produces a non-Gaussian linear pattern, suitable for welding, drilling or laser ablation applications, ranging from UV to IR. In addition, these lenses can also be used as fast axis parallel light.

Cylindrical Lens features: Produce a non-Gaussian linear pattern, suitable for light homogenization, and provide excellent performance in the range of 193nm to 2.5μm. Common products mainly include quartz cylindrical refraction array, quartz cylindrical diffraction array, and slow axis collimating lens array.



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