How to choose Dye laser handpiece

One of the classification methods of Dye laser handpiece is to distinguish the type according to the size of the head. Generally divided into three types: mini type, standard type, big head type, different types, specifically to meet different needs.

Dye laser handpiece

The large-head type Dye laser handpiece has larger torque and high cutting efficiency, but it is larger in size and takes up more space in the oral cavity. It is generally used for deep cutting and polishing, and has a relatively longer life; the standard type Dye laser handpiece It is somewhere in between. The size of the machine head is smaller than the big head type and larger than the mini type. The torque of the big head type is smaller and larger than the mini type.

At present, most doctors use the standard Dye laser handpiece. Why? It may be caused by the obvious advantages and disadvantages of the mini-type and large-head Dye laser handpiece. It is conceivable that when you are enjoying the flexibility of the mini Dye laser handpiece, you have to face the troubles of weakness and short life; when you use the large-head Dye laser handpiece for fast grinding, you may have to Worried about the inconvenience. So, simply choose the standard Dye laser handpiece which is quite satisfactory.



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