Application of Honeycomb Lens to the laser beauty industry

Honeycomb Lens refers to a hexagonal microlens array composed of hundreds of small hexagonal lenses according to a certain rule. Since the shape of the hexagonal small lenses is similar to a honeycomb shape, the arrangement of the output light spots is also similar to the shape of a honeycomb. So it is called Honeycomb Lens.

Honeycomb Lens prices

In the laser beauty industry, Honeycomb Lens is usually used in combination with picosecond laser, so that the output spot has the advantages of both picosecond laser and Honeycomb Lens. Not only has the advantages of fractional lasers, but also has a wide pulse width, small skin damage, low risk of anti-darkness, and quicker pigment removal, resulting in better black removal, whitening, and skin rejuvenation effects. The Honeycomb Lens we provide can be used on the honeycomb hand tool, which is detachable and easy to use.

"Honeycomb focus" refers to the ability to focus the picosecond laser and re-integrate picoSure energy, focusing and concentrating 70% of the high energy onto hundreds of honeycomb lenses. After acting on the skin, it can highly concentrate the laser beam, stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, and make the skin tissue under high energy concentration, the effect reaches 20 times the standard dose;

"Oscillation" means that Honeycomb Lens can also accurately focus the laser energy, using the honeycomb oscillation effect, the laser directly smashes melanin with more powerful and rapid energy, starts repairing growth factors, and activates skin cells. At the same time, it can remove pigments, whiten skin and improve fine lines through skin lymphatic metabolism and exclusion from the body.

Features of Honeycomb Lens:

-Focus the laser energy to the Honeycomb Lens and reintegrate the energy.

-Focus 70% of the high energy to 130 honeycomb central points to form a honeycomb lattice and act on human skin.

-The intensity of the laser energy released from the central point of each Honeycomb Lens can be as high as 20 times or more.

-Honeycomb Lens shock effect, shatters the melanocytes of the epidermis and spreads to the deep dermis.



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