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CRYSTECH Inc. was founded in Feb. 2001, and is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China. Thanks to long term interactive partnership with the leaders in laser system manufacturing industry and ongoing efforts of our employees, CRYSTECH has become the largest KTP crystal and leading Laser Components manufacturer all over the world. At present, CRYSTECH has 150 employees, in whom 70% are engineers and technicians, their contribution helps our products always stand on the world’s leading position.
CRYSTECH’s main products includes KTP, GTR-KTP, RTP and KD*P Q-Switch, Nd:YAG and CTH:YAG, Thin Film Polarizers, Laser Optics, DPM and so on. Our main products are fabricated in a coat-effective way with quality consistency. In CRYSTECH, there are Flux Crystal Growth production line, Czochralski Crystal Growth production line, Solution Crystal Growth production line, Crystal Orientation and Dicing workshop, Optical Polishing workshop and Optical Coating workshop with IBS, IAD and EB coating technique and machines. Our commitments are backed by our huge manufacturing capacity.
CRYSTECH was certified in the quality management system ISO 9001 in 2006. We have established a complete system for outgoing parts inspection. Our optical testing equipment include Zygo Interferometers, Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950, Olympus Micro-scope, Photo-Thermal Common-Path Interferometer, Zygo 3D Optical Surface Profilers and so on. These equipment along with many others, ensure that we comply with all specifications for our products.
Today, over 60% of CRYSTECH’s products are exported to USA, European, Asian and other market of the world. We have established a global sales network. We have set up our agency and sales branches in the main industrial countries and districts.
Excellent technical team, strict quality control, and professional sale team are our assurance to customer commitments. Here at CRYSTECH, we value comity, diligence, refinement and innovation, and help customers to realize their full potential in business.


Established in 2001 and located in the city of Qingdao, China.  Crystech Inc. is a global supplier of Alexandrite, KTP, RTP and E-O Q-Switch, YAG crystals, Laser Optics and more.  

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