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Additional information about our products is available by fax, email, and telephone. The Sales Managers and Sales Engineers listed below will welcome any inquiries. We are glad to serve both potential and current customers.

Fax:+86 532 66731500

Overseas Market 

Domestic Market

Sales Engineer 
Mr. Pikey Huang 
E-Mail: sales@crystech.com 
Tel: +86 532 66731506
Sales Manager
Mr. Ocean Gong 宫海洋 
E-Mail: sales@crystech.com 
Tel: +86 532 66731501
Sales Engineer
Mr. Bobby Wang 
E-Mail: sales@crystech.com 
Tel: +86 532 66731505
Sales Engineer 
Mr. Yipin Xu 徐一品
E-Mail: sales@crystech.com 
Tel: +86 532 66731502
  Sales Engineer 
Mr. Bruce Liu 刘启栋
E-Mail: sales@crystech.com 
Tel: +86 532 66731502



Add: Electronic Information Industrial Park, Xianshan East Road, Chengyang District,Qingdao, 266107, China

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