1. 2001, CRYSTECH Inc. was established.
2. 2003, CRYSTECH ’s asset was raised to 1.8 million US$.
3. 2004, CRYSTECH Introduced coating equipment and began to manufacture coated components.
4. 2006, CRYSTECH got ISO9001:2000 certification. 
5. 2007, CRYSTECH added new coating equipment and total coating machine was up to 5 unit.
6. 2008, CRYSTECH established a mass production line for optics and crystals.
7. 2010, CRYSTECH was increased to 6000sqrm, can provide 1Mpcs optics and 1Mpcs crystals per year.
8. 2012, CRYSTECH increased the production line of KD*P Pockels Cell and RTP Q-Switch, with capacity of 100pcs KD*P Cells/mon and 40pairs RTP/mon.
9. 2013, CRYSTECH works as the KTP crystal industry standard setters in China.